After becoming a resident of Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, you’ll be able to enjoy catered dining which includes fine china, linen tablecloths, silver utensils, and waiters who will cater to your every preference. The culinary experience offered by our retirement community is a far cry from the bland food which is served in most retirement home cafeterias.

About Our Senior Living Catered Dining Services

Every meal we serve is prepared by a professional chef and includes fresh ingredients. Our menu is extensive and includes seasonal as well as regional and international dishes. Our onsite restaurant can match any five-star eateries in nearby Tampa and in many cases, will surpass them.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Catered Dining in Your Retirement Community

When you dine in Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, you’ll be able to feast in any manner you choose. For instance, residents can eat early or late since our restaurant is opened for 12 hours each day. You also have the option of solitary dining or eating with a group, and we will accommodate those that have strict dietary needs due to an illness or allergic reactions to certain foods. Vegetarians are welcome and our entrees are constantly evolving, which means that members will always have something new to try.

>Fine dining means more than just delicious meals; it is about the overall experience. This is why the tables and chairs we use are exceptionally comfortable, providing excellent support for the back and hips while the room is lit with ambient lights which always set the right mood. We provide three meals a day within the community itself and those who are still hungry can order delivery from restaurants in nearby Tampa.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Our community is highly recommended for retirees who want healthy food that tastes great. Retirement homes have developed a reputation for serving food that is healthy, but bland in quality and variety. None of this will be an issue with us. Our chef is classically trained and will cook meals that not only provide every vitamin, mineral, and nutrient that your body needs, but which are mouthwatering and delectable. Few retirement communities can boast of offering a five-star dining experience daily, but Aston Gardens At Sun City Center does.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Sun City Center’s Retirement Community?

Gourmet meals are just the beginning of what you’ll experience in our upscale retirement community. The lavish, private, and ergonomically designed dwellings, 24-hour assistance, concierge services, year-round warm weather, and close proximity to the beach make Aston Gardens At Sun City Center South Florida’s top retirement destination.

We take food safety seriously and both our kitchenette and dining area are in compliance with state and federal safety standards. This combined with our great tasting meals, recreational activities, and workshops mean that residents will never have a dull moment.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, contact us or call us at 813.358.1747 today.