Aston Gardens is proud to offer SHINE® Memory Care for the treatment of

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dementia and other memory-related issues. Built on the foundation of deep

personalization, our memory care program incorporates six points of focus (e.g., communication, enrichment, and self-discovery). Our nurses and aides welcome new residents with open arms and guide seniors through a daily journey of discovery and revelation.  Each of our certified team members has a solid grasp of best practices in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s. SHINE® takes a practical, inclusive, and nurturing approach. At our campus, we cherish our ability to care for our residents who find themselves unable to care for themselves.

Our senior living programs are designed to instill a sense of accomplishment for our residents, bolstering their sense of independence. As with Aston Gardens’ assisted living communities, residents in our memory care programs in FL have the best care possible along with all the amenities and services for which our award-winning senior-living communities have become well known. 

What Are Memory Care Programs?

Memory care programs provide specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. In these safe, secure communities, residents receive around-the-clock care from nurses and certified nurse assistants. Staff members have training and experience in caring for individuals with dementia. Many people need more intensive levels of care as they age. In our memory care programs, they can receive the help they need. 

Aston Gardens’s Memory Care Program in FL

At Aston Gardens, we understand the challenges people with dementia encounter on a daily basis. When your loved one enters our memory care community, our goal is to guide them along a journey of discovery in all they do. Our SHINE® nurses and certified nursing assistants, with ongoing education and specialized training in caring for memory diseases, chart a course of exploration for them that touches on various important aspects of life. Our program is designed to rebuild and preserve that which their affliction has taken from them. From quality meals to personalized care and attention, you can rest easy knowing your family members are in the best hands, receiving the best care. You have our word on it.

Discover Independence, Confidence, and Self-Esteem

At Aston Gardens’ memory care homes in FL, we know the impact of the following:

  • Celebrating each small success one at a time
  • Encouraging active participation in all activities of daily living
  • Focusing on strengths rather than limitations
  • Promoting physical exercise, stimulating mental activity, and helping to maintain social and religious contacts

Discover Dining Delights

  • Nutrient-dense gourmet meals promote overall good health
  • Active participation in dining with assistance provided as needed
  • Dining in a calm and quiet environment at the same time each day, allowing residents to focus on eating
  • “Food on the Run” for residents who are no longer able to focus on mealtime or frequently wander

Discover Fun and Engaging Activities

  • Purpose-driven activities in small groups or on a one-to-one basis
  • Activities geared towards residents’ present abilities and time of day
  • Activities that are noncompetitive, failure-free, and age-appropriate
  • Opportunities that match residents’ attention spans

Discover Friendships and Belonging

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  • Active participation and support in personal care activities help maintain a maximum sense of control and independence
  • Personal care activities that define how a person is personally perceived by their peers, family, and friends
  • Work or productive activities provide a sense of personal success and worth
  • Play or leisure activities promote friendships and pleasure for increased quality of life

For more information on our memory care program in FL, contact us today. It would be our pleasure to speak with you about your loved one’s personal needs.

Contact Us to Learn More About SHINE® Memory Care 

SHINE® Memory Care in FL emphasize the following in their holistic, personalized treatment plans:

Superior communication with residents and families

  • Extensive training for our team members
  • A handcrafted “My Story” book for each resident
  • A dining experience that uses subtle sciences to stimulate appetite, interaction, awareness, and participation
  • Group and one-on-one activities, sensory experiences, and quiet, relaxed moments
  • Safe, secure neighborhoods created with your loved one’s convenience, health, and happiness in mind.

Learn more about our memory care program in FL and other senior living options at Aston Gardens. Contact us online today.