One of the biggest assumptions people have of senior care is that it is much cheaper to retire at home than in a senior living community. In actuality, this is not the case. According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a retiree household of an older adult aged 65 and above usually spends $50,220 per year on expenses. This is significantly high considering that all households in the United States have an average spending of $63,036. It’s important never to take for granted as expenses can add up quickly, which might cause financial strain on you and your family members. As such, in this article, we have provided a senior living cost calculator to give you a better idea of the finances.


Housing is no doubt the most significant expense for older adults. Housing expenses consist of mortgage or rent, property taxes, insurance, maintenance fees, and repair fees. Studies have shown that on average, a retiree household pays up to $1,456 per month on housing expenses, which approximately account for 35% of monthly expenditures. This explains why many older adults are choosing to spend their retirement years in a senior living community as they can gain more financial freedom. In a senior living community, these household expenses are covered in one package and managed by professional staff. As such, your loved ones can live out their days stress-free and happily.


If your loved ones require the use of a car daily, there’s no doubt their transportation expenses will increase. Transportation expenses include gas, auto insurance, maintenance, and repair fees. On average, a retiree household spends about $624 per month on vehicle expenses. While this number may not be much, this expense can be cut away in order for your loved ones to save more money or spend on other expenses such as dining or other lifestyle choices. Here at Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, our Connections transportation service is complimentary for all residents, and provides chauffeured transportation whenever and wherever they require it.

Food and Dining

It should come as no surprise that food accounts for about 40% of the monthly expenditure when it comes to retiree households. Eating out is obviously a costly lifestyle decision, but cooking at home can also add up, regardless of your loved ones using a senior citizen discount. This is because groceries are getting increasingly expensive, which is why your loved ones should be more mindful of their spending. However, they do not have to worry about this issue if they reside in a senior living community, where meals are served daily. Usually, these meals are specially designed by nutritionists to be well-balanced in order for residents to lead a healthy lifestyle.

General Quality of Life

It’s never healthy for anyone to constantly be cooped up at home and not have the companionship of friends, even more so for your loved ones. However, social activities can come at a hefty price and require memberships or a long commitment period. Here in our independent living community, we believe that everyone should have equal access to activities and events, which is why all our residents are encouraged to join in the fun. From fitness and wellness classes to arts and entertainment activities, your loved ones are free to explore our amenities at no additional cost!