Today’s older adults are no longer just sitting in a chair, watching television, and watching the world go by. Now, older adults are looking forward to physically and mentally stimulating activities that engage the mind, bring people together, and provide an opportunity for learning. Compared to how senior living communities were run in the past, it’s safe to say the world of senior care has changed drastically over the years. At Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, we reflect this change of attitude through our <em>Celebrations</em> Events and Activities, which is part of our lifestyle programs.

About Our Senior Living Community Activities

No, we don’t just offer bingo. Here at Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, our activities are more than just card and game clubs. In fact, there’s a wide variety of interesting things to do that will undoubtedly keep your loved ones entertained at all times. If your loved ones enjoy leading an active lifestyle, they will find our fitness and wellness classes to their liking, featuring activities such as water aerobics, tai chi, line dancing, and many more. There are also arts and crafts lessons, educational programs, and group excursions around town that your loved ones can anticipate while residing in our independent living community.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Community Activities in Your Senior Living Community

Older adults who live a fulfilling social life filled with enriching activities have been found to avoid physical, emotional, and cognitive issues. These issues are prominent with older adults who suffer from social isolation and loneliness. There are several ways your loved ones can benefit from participating in activities daily:

  • Lesser Risk for Depression

Humans are social beings. We crave connections and interactions daily, and if your loved ones are not surrounded by friends and family, they can experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

  • Improved Physical Health

As some activities require varying levels of fitness intensity, this provides an opportunity for your loved ones to get their heart rate going and strengthen their muscles. Over time, your loved ones’ mobility will increase, in turn leading to a higher quality of life.

  • Live Longer

Many studies have shown that socially isolated people have a 50% chance of experiencing premature death than those who are socially active. This can be due to the fact that socialization boosts both the mind and body.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

As your loved ones grow older, they’ll find it increasingly harder to have the resources and opportunities to participate in activities. Thus, at Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, we take away that worry by ensuring that our activities are easily accessible to everyone. We have a full-time Activities Director, who updates the events schedule daily with fun and engaging activities.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Sun City Center?

If your loved ones enjoy heading to town frequently, they can make use of our complimentary Connections transportation service. Our professional chauffeurs ensure that your loved ones can get to and from their desired destination safely at all times.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, feel free to contact us today.