Even though residents in an independent living community are generally healthy and able-bodied, that does not mean they can neglect their health and lead an inactive lifestyle. As we grow older, it’s inevitable that our bodies break down and weaken over time. As such, here at Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, we make sure that all our residents have adequate access and resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is accomplished through our Dimensions Health & Fitness program.

About Our Senior Living Health Programs

At Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, we understand that in order to achieve a holistic lifestyle, there are a number of aspects to look out for: medical, physical, mental, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual. Therefore, our health and fitness programs are designed to meet these needs and expectations to allow your loved ones to engage both their minds and bodies. For day-to-day exercises, your loved ones can look forward to interesting activities such as water aerobics, tai chi, dancing, and many more. If you’re worried that your loved ones might get injured, no need to fret as most of our programs are of light intensity, and there will be a medical team on-site at all times.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Health Programs in Your Senior Living Community

It should come as no surprise that exercising often brings about many benefits for everyone. For your loved ones, fitness is of utmost importance as they have a higher risk of developing health complications, which can severely impede their everyday lives. If they make an effort to exercise daily and keep their heart rate up, they can find that their range of motion will improve, alongside a boost in mood and energy levels. Diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes will also be prevented or delayed. Since our Dimensions Health & Fitness program also provides complimentary health screenings from time to time, your loved ones can check up on their health regularly to ensure that they do not suffer from any health complications.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Our independent living community is suited for older adult who enjoys taking part in activities, meeting new people, and learning new skills along the way. If your loved ones fit the description, then Aston Gardens At Sun City Center is a good option. Here, residents are encouraged and given the freedom to plan out their day with activities and events, with the reassurance of a medical team to assist them at all times.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Sun City Center?

Leading an active lifestyle is not just about exercising and keeping fit. Consuming the right foods and following a well-balanced diet also play a part. As we strive to provide a comprehensive senior care program for our residents, we take care of their dietary needs as well. At our Sensations restaurant, residents are treated to chef-prepared meals daily. These meals are planned by nutritionists to be the most nourishing for our residents. If your loved ones are picky eaters, no worries as they can choose from a wide selection of international cuisines.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At Sun City Center, feel free to contact us today.