We understand that the topic of moving into a senior living community can be a challenging conversation to have with your loved ones. It’s understandably so, as senior living is a new phase in their lives, and this comes with a certain degree of hesitancy. However, we’re sure you and your family members have considered long and hard about placing your loved ones in a senior living community, and this is the right step forward for their future. Take conversation the right way, and you can help make the transition a lot easier for you and your loved ones.

Plan Early

Instead of waiting for a health issue to occur, you should raise the topic as early as possible. This is not only so that your loved ones can be more mentally prepared, but also allows you to control the situation. If the topic is mentioned while everyone is anxious and agitated, the conversation will likely get heated and be counter-productive. As such, plan a time, day, and location where you can introduce the idea of senior living to your loved ones, preferably when they’re relaxed and surrounded by other family members.

Talk in Person

Due to the pandemic, video calls have never been more popular. However, we recommend having the talk in person, so that you’re able to better comprehend your loved ones’ feelings and evaluate the situation based on their body language. In addition, it comes off as more sincere and empathetic when you’re communicating face-to-face. We are aware that video calls can be convenient, especially if you’re busy with responsibilities and unable to visit. Still, you should take some time to sit down properly and discuss your concerns with your loved ones.

Don’t Minimize Their Feelings

Moving into a senior living community is a huge change for your loved ones, so it’s normal that they will have concerns and objections over this decision. Don’t brush their feelings off, and make an effort to listen to them and acknowledge their frustration or fear. You can also try talking in a soothing voice and be in a calm demeanor to put them at ease. Remember your loved ones are adults and should be treated as such with respect.

Plan to Hold the Conversation Again

Usually, it’s impossible to make a decision just after one round of talks. As there are many factors to contemplate, such as financial, community types, and more, the topic of senior living will likely be raised in a series of talks. Be prepared to hold discussions time and time again. Unless the situation is dire where your loved ones’ health is declining quickly, there’s no need to rush into the move-in process. During the discussion, it helps to mention the benefits of senior living and how your loved ones will fare better in such a community.

It’s Their Decision

At the end of the day, remember that it’s their decision to make whether they would like to move into a senior living community. As their child or close family member, you have the responsibility to hold this conversation out of love for them, but the decision belongs to them.