Are you or your loved ones thinking of senior living? Choosing the right location is one of the most difficult choices that you will be making. However, you have taken the first step to investing in a happy and healthy future, so kudos to you! We know and recognize that you must be brimming with questions about the locale, amenities, and services provided. We recognize this and have curated a list of FAQs that is sure to allay your fears. So do read ahead if you would like to know more. As always, feel free to contact us for more personalized help.

What Is Senior Living All About?

If you have even spent a couple of minutes on the internet looking for recommendations, you must have come across this term. It refers to any kind of living environment that is designed to safeguard the interests of older adults. Generally, this means those who have already retired but this can vary. What many don’t seem to realize is that senior living will not impinge upon your independence. In fact, we encourage our community members to take part in all the activities they are offered. This being said, we have different levels of care. Some may need help in daily activities like grooming, washing, and changing clothes. Still others may need slightly more help as they suffer from memory ailments like dementia.

What Amenities Do Senior Living Communities Have?

Senior living is all about comfort and accessibility. To that end, communities should have a wide range of amenities that will suit all their residents. Aston Gardens At Pelican Pointe prides itself on providing one of the most diverse services and amenities. Your apartment homes are stocked with items like microwaves, walk-in closets, patios, tasteful wooden cabinets as well as lush wall-to-wall carpeting. The Grande Clubhouse is a central location where we organize fun events and activities for all residents to partake in.

What Entertainment Do Senior Living Communities Have?

Our residents love to let their hair down every chance they get – and why not, they sure have earned it. We have so many activities to choose from, you likely can’t do them all even if you tried! We have a tradition of weekly bingo night which is popular amongst our residents. We love to organize dance parties that have creative themes that are sure to spark your interest. Don’t worry about your family missing out as we have frequent family events where you can spend some quality time together. If you aren’t quite so social, fret not as you will be spoiled for choice playing quiet brain games or working on your favorite crafts and hobbies.

What Safety Measures Do Senior Living Communities Have?

The best part about senior living is that we take your safety seriously and make it our number one priority. To that end, we have an emergency call system fitted in multiple places in your apartment including the showers and closets too. All our team members are highly trained and equipped to render any assistance that you may need.