Uncontrolled diabetes can cause many complications, which include cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, and retinopathy. It is for this reason that our team in Aston Gardens At Pelican Pointe works closely with patients to improve their glycemic control, and this is accomplished by glucose monitoring and insulin management.

About Our Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Management

Aston Gardens At Pelican Pointe utilizes the latest technology to enhance glucose control without the need for medication, and the core of this is Continuous Glucose Monitoring. It provides essential data concerning glucose concentrations as well as change rates, directional change, and general glucose trends.

Benefits of Having Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Management in Your Senior Living Community

In the past, both the medical and retirement community were limited to self-monitoring blood glucose which only gave one measurement for blood glucose at the moment the measurement was taken. Continuous Glucose Monitoring is vastly superior since it actually enhances glycemic control which lowers both macro and microvascular complications which are connected to diabetes while also minimizing the chance of hypoglycemia.

Our staff is also trained to provide insulin therapy, which has become a key component for diabetes treatment. Those with type one diabetes can use insulin therapy to replenish the insulin which their bodies fail to produce, while those with type two diabetes will occasionally need this therapy in situations where other treatments have failed to keep their blood glucose at acceptable levels. Insulin therapy is also indispensable because it reduces the chance of complications.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has given approval for 5 Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems, 4 of which have already been used clinically. Knowing how to use these devices takes training and skill which our team has access to.

We know how to use the devices in a manner where they can measure the interstitial fluid-based glucose so calculations can be made regarding a patient’s level of blood glucose which is determined by mathematical algorithms. Regarding insulin, it must be emphasized that it comes in different types, and the variant will determine how long and quickly blood sugar can be controlled. There are instances where doctors will recommend combining multiple insulin types. To determine the insulin form needed by patients, our doctor will consider numerous factors, such as the diabetes type, glucose level, and daily blood sugar fluctuations.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Pelican Pointe?

Unlike standard retirement homes, Aston Gardens At Pelican Pointe provides multiple types of insulin management. One example of this is intermediate, long, or ultra-long insulin which will help the body adequately use glucose so the levels don’t become too high. The second example is short-acting or rapid insulin which is best for situations where you want to stop blood sugar from spiking after consuming meals. As the name suggests, it works faster than intermediate and long-acting insulin, but its functional duration is shorter.

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