Older adults have a higher risk of sustaining falls and injuries due to their frail nature. At Aston Gardens At The Courtyards, we strive to maintain the comfort and safety of our residents. We have implemented a series of safety measures including installing an emergency response system that can help our staff facilitate swift and smooth emergency response. Life in our senior living community offers residents with an exquisite senior living experience that is unlike any other.

About Our Emergency Response System

We understand how it is common amongst older adults to be prone to falling and getting injured regardless of whether they have any medical conditions. To better manage such a risky situation, we have implemented an emergency response system that enables our staff to act swiftly and efficiently in an emergency situation. This arrangement will allow our residents to feel at ease going about with their daily affairs, knowing that there is a round-the-clock support team, ready to render assistance should an unfortunate situation were to happen.

Benefits of Having an Emergency Response System in Your Senior Living Community

It is important for every senior living community to implement an emergency response system to facilitate efficient response for an emergency situation. The system also provides residents with a sense of comfort as they are aware that help is readily available whenever it is needed. They can enjoy the different activities and events that we offer to remain independent without worrying over their safety. An emergency response system provides 24-hour monitoring and immediate assistance so residents can get the support and care they at any time of the day.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

A senior living community provides plenty of benefits for older adults whether or not they are suffering from medical conditions. Senior living offers daily assistance for day-to-day tasks and other basic healthcare needs. If you or a loved one are retiring on your own, you may be lacking of ready care which is essential to help you maintain your physical and mental well-being. At Aston Gardens At the Courtyards, we strive to provide an exclusive senior living experience that meets industry standards. We have professionals tending to the daily needs of our residents as well as qualified nurses managing their basic medical needs. Our emergency response system will put our residents’ mind at ease as they are aware that they have ready access to help whenever necessary.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At The Courtyards?

At Aston Gardens At The Courtyards, we take pride in providing a senior living environment that is both safe and comfortable. Our array of amenities includes various safety measures and an emergency response system that deliver immediate support in case of an emergency. Residents can retire in full peace of mind, participating in the different activities and events, knowing that they will be given access to emergency response whenever help is needed. Residents can rest assured that their health and well-being are being prioritized regardless of the time of the day.

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