Not only can aging in place leave you lonely and isolated, but it can also leave you virtually stuck when you no longer drive and do not have a convenient way of getting around. This, in turn, can contribute to social isolation as you are unable to get out as and when you need to, be it for socialization opportunities or running necessary errands. When you move to a senior living community that offers chauffeured transportation services, your life can change for the better.

About Our Senior Living Transportation

At Aston Gardens At The Courtyards, our Connections transportation program allows you to get out and about like never before. You may wish to join us on one of our regularly scheduled trips to area attractions for some shopping, sightseeing, and dining. Or if you have an appointment in town, all you need to do is let us know where and when a few days in advance, and we will have a driver waiting for you on the day. That’s how simple it is.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Transportation Services in Your Senior Living Community

Residents can benefit from having transportation services in numerous ways, including:

  • Ensure that they won’t be left stranded on campus if they have an appointment to attend or wish to get out there and do things
  • Increase residents’ sense of freedom and empower them to participate in activities they may not have been able to before
  • Promote socialization, which contributes towards better mental and physical health
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Have you stopped driving for safety reasons, and find that getting where you need to be is increasingly inconvenient? Regardless of whether you have to wait for a loved one to be free to drive you or are struggling to navigate the public transport system, you can benefit from moving into a senior living community. With transportation services provided, you will never again be subject to someone else’s schedule to get to the places you need to be. This will increase your sense of freedom and make it easier for you to engage in the activities you love doing as well as socialize with like-minded individuals.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At The Courtyards’s Retirement Community?

Aston Gardens At The Courtyards is located in Sun City Center, FL, and places you right at the doorstep of all the amenities you need for modern living. Whether independent living or assisted living is more suitable for you, you can find the perfect lifestyle program to suit you. In addition, our award-winning memory care program is ideal for individuals living with memory-related conditions. Some of our stylish amenities include a heated pool, senior-equipped fitness center, private dining rooms as well as a bar & lounge. When you join our community, you will be surrounded by a friendly and compassionate onsite team as well as plenty of welcoming neighbors.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At The Courtyards, feel free to contact us today.