If you could remove one responsibility from your life forever, what would it be? If you answered “housekeeping”, moving into a senior living community may just be the best choice for you. As you age, you may find that you lack the energy to attend to household chores with the same motivation as before. Despite your best efforts, the house may be left in a less than desirable state or you may find yourself dedicating all your time to keeping it clean at the expense of the activities you enjoy.

About Our Senior Living Housekeeping & Maintenance

All our residents at Aston Gardens At The Courtyards agree on one thing: that they cannot live without our housekeeping & maintenance services. Ensuring that you have a clean and comfortable place to call home at the end of the night, you are free to spend your time on your hobbies and interests while leaving the hard work to us. Whether it is your apartment home or any of the common areas you enjoy hanging out in, you can be assured that our housekeeping team will keep them clean and sparkling for your enjoyment. Maintenance issues such as leaking pipes or blown lightbulbs will also be attended to timely.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Housekeeping & Maintenance Services in Your Retirement Community

With housekeeping & maintenance services in your senior living community, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Never have to worry about sustaining accidents from doing household or maintenance chores, such as slipping on a freshly mopped floor
  • Free up your time to focus on the things important to you without compromising on health, cleanliness, and hygiene
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Do you find that attending to household chores is taking up a significant portion of your time, time that could be better spent doing something else? Is an unclean home starting to get on your nerves, even posing a threat to your health and wellbeing? If so, moving to a senior living community like Aston Gardens At The Courtyards is the answer to your problems. With housekeeping & maintenance services included in your rent, you will never again have to worry about the technical details. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy life the way you want to.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At The Courtyards’s Retirement Community?

Our residents at Aston Gardens At The Courtyards can benefit from a comprehensive range of lifestyle programs that have been designed with their comfort and convenience in mind. From concierge and transportation services to housekeeping & maintenance, you can be assured that your every need will be taken care of when you move in with us. This frees up all your time to enjoy lounging next to our heated pool, taking part in classes at our fitness center, or simply socializing with friends and neighbors.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At The Courtyards, feel free to contact us today.