If you are looking to improve the quality of life of your older loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, memory care can help them maintain good mental well-being. They will have access to specialized care which is rendered by certified nurses through a holistic approach. Our team carefully plans sensory activities and therapy programs to help your older loved one reduce stress and anxiety for a healthier and safer retirement experience. Be a guest at our memory care community to explore the different amenities and programs that we have put together for older adults with memory-related conditions.

About Our Secure Living Environment

For older adults with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, it is important to create a secure living environment that lets them retire safely. There are various potential dangers that this group of older adults is exposed to on a daily basis. We have implemented a series of safety measures to support their transition to their new home that will help them cope with this scenario. We have eliminated anything that could endanger their health such as tools, ladders, chemicals, and more. Our front gates are locked and installed with surveillance to deter residents from wandering off. We believe that these safety precautions can prevent residents from being exposed to unsafe conditions which may harm them in any way. There are also grab bars in all of our bathrooms to provide balance and support for residents. Our flooring is non-skid to prevent slips and falls and our common spaces are kept well-lit at all times.

Benefits of Having a Secure Living Environment in Your Senior Living Community

Daily life can be extremely stressful for residents with dementia, but this can be addressed through careful planning. With our precautionary and safety measures along with the aid of our team, many worries and potential dangers can be swiftly addressed to create a safe and secure living environment for all our residents. Residents with memory-related conditions can remain on campus under the watchful eye of our team to prevent them from jeopardizing their mental and physical health.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Older adults who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be overwhelmed by unfamiliar sounds and sights. At a memory care community, our team of skilled nurses and nursing assistants can work together to keep residents busy and engaged without making them feel threatened or overwhelmed. Having access to assistance for personal needs and healthcare will allow them to retire safely.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At The Courtyards?

At Aston Gardens At The Courtyards, we offer exceptional dementia care through our award-winning memory care program. The program is facilitated by certified nurses and nursing assistants who have undergone a continuous learning program to equip them with proper communication and treatment skills for dementia patients. At our memory care community, residents can expect to retire in a safe and structured environment which helps them to lower their stress levels so they remain happy and healthy throughout their stay here.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At The Courtyards, feel free to contact us today.