The majority of older adults suffer from a series of medical conditions that cause them to experience a decline in mobility. There are also others who are just frail by nature due to their age. At Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay, we wish to create a carefree environment that lets our residents retire without any worries. We provide the assisted living option that offers residents with the personal support and specialized care that they need to remain healthy and active.

About Our 24/7 Nursing Team

Every older adult has varying medical needs. From requiring assistance for day-to-day tasks to needing help for basic healthcare needs, our 24/7 nursing team is available around the clock to render specialized care. Our team is made up of certified nurses and nursing assistants who have years of experience working with older adults. Here are the basic medical care services that we offer:

  • Pain management
  • Medication administration
  • Insulin administration
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Emergency response

Benefits of Having 24/7 Nursing Team in Your Retirement Community

With readily available nursing services, our residents can look forward to retiring in a safe environment. They can continue to pursue the interests that they have always wanted to explore without worrying over not having access to ready support. This will encourage them to remain engaged through the wide array of amenities and programs we offer so as to support a healthy lifestyle. Residents will also have their health well-taken care of without missing on any medication to prevent their condition from further worsening.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

For older adults who require assistance for their personal daily living activities and basic medical needs, moving into a senior living community provides them with the support they need. Certified nurses will handle all their healthcare needs to ensure their medical conditions can be monitored and maintained. During an emergency situation, an immediate response can be rendered to help older adults get back on their feet again. If you or a loved one are aging in place without ready access to care and assistance, learn more about the different benefits you stand to enjoy by retiring in a senior living community. You are also able to participate in socially engaging activities that help keep you fit and active for a healthier lifestyle.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay’s Retirement Community?

Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay is an award-winning senior living community that offers world-class amenities that support a more enriching lifestyle. Our team is made up of compassionate individuals who have had years of experience working with older adults. Our 24/7 nursing team is readily available to tend to all our residents’ medical needs along with immediate response in case of an emergency. Our residents can expect to retire with content to help them maintain their overall well-being. We invite you to be our guest to explore the different facilities and amenities that we offer at our campus.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay, feel free to contact us today.