Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay offers exclusive lifestyle programs that are meticulously designed to support improved health and lifestyle quality. Our community events and activities are set to promote a better life quality for our residents who can look forward to reducing stress and feel more confident and independent. We have also introduced a senior living referral program that lets residents earn rewards when they refer a friend to our award-winning senior living community.

About Our Senior Living Referral Program

We have introduced a simple senior living referral program for our residents to enjoy. Upon becoming a resident of our senior living community, residents have the opportunity to introduce our award-winning senior living options to their friends and family. When the individuals whom they have referred to our senior living community become a resident, they stand to earn rewards whereas the new residents will also receive a token of appreciation.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Referral Program in Your Retirement Community

By introducing the senior living referral program, we can reach out to a wider audience of older adults who are seeking socialization opportunities in award-winning senior living communities. We are able to render exceptional care to older adults who require assistance with their daily and basic healthcare needs. Through this program, more older adults get to enjoy a much more enriching retirement lifestyle to improve their quality of living. We have full confidence that our program will benefit the older generation today by providing them with a platform to gain access to the care and support they need to maintain good overall well-being.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Most older adults are aging in place without much support or care. This is risky especially to individuals with medical conditions as their health may deteriorate further without the necessary assistance put in place in the long run. Moving into a senior living community will provide this group of older adults with specialized care. The assistance is rendered by experienced service personnel who has years of industry expertise. For basic healthcare needs, specialized care is facilitated by certified nurses and nursing assistants who are compassionate about serving the older generation for various medical conditions.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay’s Retirement Community?

Being socially active is important to support good physical and mental health. At Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay, we provide residents with a wide range of community events that focus on developing their psychosocial needs. We believe in helping residents connect with one another to maintain a deep sense of connection that can uplift their spirits and improve their moods. At our award-winning senior living community, residents stand to enjoy a highly rewarding senior living experience that helps improve their quality of life. They can expect to retire in a stimulating environment that takes care of all their personal and medical needs in a professional way.

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