Deciding on the most suitable senior living option can be a daunting process if you are new to the world of senior care. Here, we have put together an extensive collection of senior living advice and planning resources to help you navigate through the different senior living options and care plans.

Senior Care Resources

  • What is senior care? There are many types of senior care programs to cater to the varying needs of older adults. You can select from the independent living, assisted living, and memory care options.
  • Who needs senior care? Senior care programs are designed to assist with daily living activities and specialized care for medical needs.

Independent Senior Living Resources

  • What is independent living? Independent living caters to older adults who are more or less independent and do not require assistance for daily living activities and medical needs.
  • Who needs independent living? Older adults who are seeking socialization opportunities with individuals of a similar age group can opt for the independent living option.

Senior Assisted Living Resources

  • What is assisted living? Older adults who require assistance with daily activities like feeding, grooming, bathing, continence, and more can benefit from the assisted living program.
  • Who needs assisted living? Older adults who face mobility issues, have trouble performing daily living activities on their own, or cannot keep up with their medical needs such as medication management, insulin administration and more will receive the specialized care they need.

Senior Memory Care Resources

  • What is memory care? The memory care program is designed to provide specialized care to older adults with memory-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
  • Who needs memory care? Older adults with memory-related conditions can receive specialized care that is rendered through a holistic approach to help maintain cognitive functions.

Healthy Aging

  • What is healthy aging? Healthy aging is defined as the process of developing and maintaining the different bodily functions that allow us to preserve our overall well-being in old age.
  • Why is healthy aging important? Healthy aging is important to help older adults sleep better, reduce the risk of heart diseases, falls, and dementia, and stimulate appetite. Healthy aging also enables older adults to improve and maintain their fitness levels, balance, and strength to easily participate in various socialization opportunities that support their mental and physical health.

Caregiver Support

  • What are the different forms of caregiver support? Caregiver support can come in the forms of mental and physical assistance. Mental support is important to help older adults maintain their cognitive functions to help them eliminate negative thoughts and retain positive emotions. Physical support enables older adults to complete their daily living activities that include grooming, feeding, bathing, showering, and dressing.
  • Why is caregiver support important? With caregiver support, older adults can expect to lead a more enriching lifestyle, allowing them to pursue their hobbies and interests in a more independent environment. They will have greater peace of mind knowing that assistance is readily available whenever it is needed.

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