There is a growing demand among retirees for a retirement destination where they will be able to engage in fun and exciting community activities. Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons recognizes this and has established an assortment of events which are designed to promote an exciting social atmosphere.

About Our Retirement Community Activities

The group activities that we provide are designed to be fun while giving residents the opportunity to get to know one another. Examples of this include yoga which is renowned for its ability to enhance flexibility and balance which will decrease the likelihood of falls and injuries, and we also offer various aerobics programs which can assist members suffering from arthritis.

Benefits of Having Retirement Community Activities in Your Retirement Community

Aside from the opportunity to socialize, our community activities give members benefits such as:

  • Gardening Clubs: Planting or managing a garden is a great way to connect to nature and other people. Research shows that those who spend time around plants have lower stress levels and digging in dirt while weeding and planting is a wonderful way for retirees to unwind and relax.
  • Lectures: Education is a lifelong process that shouldn’t stop just because one has retired. We offer lectures and educational classes where members will get to learn about any subject which interests them, and retirees who have special skillsets can speak with young college students to give them essential tips that they will never learn in a textbook. Imparting such knowledge to younger generations can be extremely satisfying.
  • Field Trips: Our community has transport vehicles and drivers who can take members on a field trip around the city or nearby area, which is excellent for people who came to our community from out of state and don’t know much about the region. Visiting museums and other sites will give residents an opportunity to learn more about the area’s history which will expand their minds.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons is highly recommended for retirees who want to have access to community activities such as jewelry making or live music. Engaging in crafts is an excellent way to enhance one’s motor skills while developing their creativity and those that are gifted in jewelry making may be able to sell it to others. Live music is popular among our residents and we host both onsite events during the holidays as well as visit concerts and theatres in nearby Parkland.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons’ Retirement Community?

Retirees all over the state of Florida and beyond choose to spend their golden years with us because we provide the perfect social atmosphere with a host of amenities as well as the capacity to assist retirees who are suffering from conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. This versatility combined with our lavish dwellings, fine dining and concierge services place us in a league far beyond ordinary retirement homes.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons, contact us or call us at 954.662.0953 today.