Aging retirees that require additional assistance during the night and day can benefit from our 24 hour nursing services. They will help elders who are in the process of recovering from an illness, injury or surgical operation and as a consequence have limited mobility.

About Our 24/7 Available Nurses

The nurses in Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons will offer one on one care to each resident. They have received training to operate around the clock but will usually be part of a team that works during the day and night. Residents that are having difficulty with toileting, bathing, sleeping or eating will receive their help with these and many other tasks, such as household management. This gives members time to focus on physical therapy so they can recover from whatever ails them.

Benefits of Having 24/7 Available Nurses in Your Retirement Community

There are a plethora of benefits that residents will gain from our 24/7 nursing services. These include:

  • Assistance with medication and ensuring the right dosages are taken
  • Help with residential infusions and the treatment of wounds
  • Assistance with house cleaning, cooking, shopping and laundry
  • Emotional care involving conversations and companionship

Residents who are recovering from an ailment or injury will have peace of mind knowing that there is always a nurse nearby who will come to their aid if needed and who will take care of the chores that they’re unable to. This creates a stress free environment where patients will recover faster.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons is a wonderful destination for seniors or retirees who are living alone and whose families live too far away to provide immediate assistance. It is also ideal for those who are recovering from injury or illness who want to live in a place where nurses can watch over them while other staff members take care of shopping, house cleaning and other chores on their behalf.

Aging retirees who live alone will have no one to come to their aid should a medical emergency ensue, and this will put their survival in jeopardy. By joining our community, they will have access to 24 hour nursing which means an experienced Registered Nurse can quickly come to their aid in the event of a health crisis, which increases survivability.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons’s Retirement Community?

Our retirement community provides everything that retirees are looking for, including opulent and private dwellings, peace and quiet, security, and a social atmosphere where they can make new friends. Our staff is trained to assist the residents but will only come to their aid when requested, as we value the freedom, independence and autonomy of our members. Why spend your golden years living alone, when you can join our association and socialize with people that understand you? We offer fine dining, concierge services and a whole lot more.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons, contact us or call us at 954.662.0953 today.