Everyone has to go through retirement which is a phase in our life where we have a lot of time to spare but not much energy to invest. At Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons, our main objective is to provide a carefree and maintenance-free environment that allows our residents to pursue their interests at their own pace while having all their daily needs well taken care of.

About Our Carefree and Maintenance-Free Senior Living

Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons offers the Impressions housekeeping and maintenance service that manages all the basic tasks of our residents. From housekeeping to maintenance, we have a team of experienced professionals who will ensure optimum cleanliness is delivered each day. Our apartments and suites are fully maintained by our team so residents do not need to fuss over a leaky tap, a blown light bulb, or other maintenance needs. This also ensures the safety of our residents as they do not need to worry about climbing a ladder to reach the ceiling, bending over to fix the tap, and others.

Benefits of Living in a Carefree and Maintenance-Free Retirement Community

We have a conscientious and dedicated team of housekeepers who clean our apartments and suites daily. They also perform laundry and ironing to ensure our residents have everything they need on a regular basis. Living in a carefree and maintenance-free senior living community enables our residents to focus solely on themselves. They will have all the time and energy they need to embark on a fulfilling retirement journey. Tedious tasks that are troublesome or even dangerous will be delegated fully to our team of professionals. Residents can anticipate returning to their spick and span home after a rewarding day of socialization with their neighbors.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

There are several factors that you can consider before deciding on the type of senior living option that best suits your personal needs. At Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons, we have three different programs to choose from to cater to the unique needs of each resident. Our senior independent living option is suitable for individuals who are active and fit to handle their own personal needs like grooming, showering, and feeding. If they require assistance on these activities, we recommend opting for the assisted living program that ensures the safety of residents with limited mobility. For those experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s, our award-winning SHINE® Memory Care program is the most ideal choice that offers specialized care.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons’s Retirement Community?

Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons offers a senior living experience that is unlike any other. Our plethora of facilities and services are designed to let our residents retire in comfort and ease while staying fit and active. Our staff delivers the finest quality of services to help our residents attain a much more enriching quality of life.

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