We understand how challenging the aging process can be for many of us. Though we may still love doing the things we used to do in our youth, we may now have to contend with the problems that could be previously ignored in the past. Old injuries resurface and extra care has to be given to eating and exercising carefully. To this extent, some individuals feel restricted having to constantly consider what they can and cannot do. However, we shouldn’t let aging limit us from doing the things we love! Constant health and wellness assessments can keep us up-to-date on how we’re doing both physically and mentally so we can have a proper understanding of what we’re doing right. For many of us, having our health managed well provides peace of mind that will enable us to live life the way we want to. If you’re looking for a senior living community that prioritizes the health and wellness of our residents, then Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh is definitely the place for you.

About Our Senior Living Health and Wellness Assessments

At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, we do our best to create a nurturing and welcoming community that takes into consideration the needs of every one of our residents. This means that we carefully consider your health conditions and put into place measures to provide you with the level of assistance and care that you deserve. We believe that monitoring and caring for your health and wellness does not start and end at the doctor’s office. For instance, if you have certain dietary requirements in the aftermath of a major surgery, our gourmet style dining room will take into account these considerations and prepare a personalized, delicious meal just for you. Because we conduct regular health and wellness assessments by trained and experienced medical professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your treatments are constantly kept up to date.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Health and Wellness Assessments in Your Retirement Community

It doesn’t matter how old you are, health and wellness is important to any and everyone at any phase of their lives. Here are some benefits of having regular health and wellness assessments at Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh:

  • Making sure that your treatment and care plans are up to date. This also extends to monitoring the consumption of new medications to check for side effects that can be mitigated or controlled.
  • You are aware of the limitations of your health conditions and we have a better understanding of how we can help you work through them. This way you can focus less on worrying about your health, and more on doing the things you love.
  • Providing you and your family with peace of mind in knowing that you have constant access to regular medical attention, and that if any complications arise in your treatment, they will be quickly identified and addressed.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?                                                                                                                                                                               

If you’re an independent and active individual who wants to focus on picking up new hobbies, learning new skills or simply spending time doing the activities you enjoy, then our senior living community may be right for you. Our team of medical professionals and staff are around to assist you in all aspects of life, from house management, to dining, to assistance with acts of daily living. You’ll find that the extra support will enable you to worry less about what you can’t do, and focus more on the activities you love.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh’s Retirement Community?

At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, we provide exclusive lifestyle programs for our residents that have been carefully curated and designed to improve the quality of life for every one of our residents. These range from complimentary transportation around town to daily recreational activities and events.

To learn more about exclusive senior living programs in Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, contact us or call us at 239.215.3356 today.