You may find it more tedious and troublesome to find reliable, efficient, and quality transport as you advance in years. The aftermath of a serious injury or illness may also find you less able to move around with the same level of independence that you are used to. This may mean that you have difficulty operating a vehicle by yourself, or that you need the help of a family member to move about. If you find yourself wheelchair-bound, it may also be harder to access public or private transport services as they may not cater to your specific set of needs. Even if you do find quality transport that can support you and your requirements, it may not be there all the time. So if you suddenly find that your friends are having an impromptu get-together, you may not be able to secure transportation to get there on time. And we know how challenging it can be if you were to rely solely on your family members to chauffeur you about.

Furthermore, if you’re having trouble moving around, for instance, having difficulty sitting, walking, or getting up from a chair, you may need someone on stand-by to assist you should you need help getting out and about. This is all the more important in the event that you urgently need to leave home for physiotherapy sessions or medical appointments.

About Our Senior Living Mobility and Transport Assistance Services

As part of our exclusive lifestyle program enjoyed by all of our residents, we offer Connections Transportation to make it that much easier for you to get out and about. Run by professional drivers on scheduled hours, we offer complimentary transportation to nearby locations out and around Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh. And if you want to head out on a more personal trip, feel free to contact our concierge services desk a couple of days in advance so that we can schedule personalized transportation just for you! You’ll never not be able to run your errands or have to miss a social visit because you don’t have access to transportation anymore.

Also, consider checking out our Expressions Concierge service for additional assistance in managing certain aspects of your life. You don’t need to head out to the post office everytime you need a letter sent, and you don’t have to call up the restaurant personally to make a booking at a restaurant. Our concierge services can handle all of that for you. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll settle it all for you; from planning to transportation.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Mobility and Transport Assistance Services in Your Retirement Community

At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, our senior assisted living community is made up of nurturing and trained staff who have the experience and expertise to support our residents in mobility and transfer assistance with the respect and dignity they deserve. This extends not just to our transportation services, but also to the medical team and staff who are there 24/7 to support you in all your needs.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

If you want to continue living your life as independently and actively as you’re used to without having to worry about the tedium of daily chores or stressing out about home management, a senior living community may be the right home for you. You will always have support and assistance in all your daily activities, from acts of daily living like dining or dressing, to having a fun schedule of activities that you can participate in.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh’s Retirement Community?

If you want to be part of a warm and nurturing community that looks out for each and every one of its residents, then look no further than Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh. We pride ourselves on getting to know all our residents so that we can offer them the quality, personalized support they deserve.

To learn more about exclusive senior living programs in Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, contact us or call us at 239.215.3356 today.