Alzheimer’s disease is a debilitating condition that causes the brain cells to die. As the brain shrinks, it leads to a decline in social, behavioral, and cognitive functioning, making it hard for individuals with Alzheimer’s to live independently. As the disease progresses, people with Alzheimer’s eventually suffer from severe memory loss and become unable to go about their everyday tasks. It can be difficult to care for a person with Alzheimer’s as they often suffer from changes in personality and behavior, such as mood swings and social withdrawal.

In the United States, many older adults suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Although there is no available treatment that can cure Alzheimer’s, services and programs based on research have been created to help support Alzheimer’s patients.

At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, we are one of the memory care providers who have gained national recognition for being excellent in memory care. Our highly skilled medical staff will ensure that residents with Alzheimer’s will be well taken care of.

About Alzheimer’s Care at Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh

At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, we bring Alzheimer’s care to the next level with our SHINE® Memory Care curriculum, which can be tailored for each unique individual. Based on scientific principles, SHINE® Memory Care encourages engagement and participation, which in turn leads to a higher quality of life for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Our compassionate staff will provide constant supervision and assistance with daily living activities to help our residents live with dignity.

Our personalized care treatment plans include interactive activities and exercises to boost our residents’ confidence, independence, and self-esteem. These activities will also keep them engaged both physically and emotionally. We also have special dining options to support those who wander and are unable to focus during mealtimes.

Benefits of Having Alzheimer’s Care in Your Retirement Community

A retirement community with specialized memory care will provide individuals with Alzheimer’s with a safe, secure, and compassionate environment to live in. Special programs will be designed to keep them engaged and stimulated throughout the day, such as music and art therapy. They will also receive specialized attention so that they are less likely to get hurt if they get confused or wander. At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, our caregivers will provide our residents with the perfect balance of freedom and autonomy, allowing them to enjoy the amenities safely in our secure facilities.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

It can be difficult to care for a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s. In fact, many family caregivers have experienced caregiver fatigue or burnout after providing long term care to their loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Compared to family members, professionally trained staff will be much better equipped to deal with behavioral issues and de-escalate stressful situations, such as your loved one’s tantrums or mood swings.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh?

At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, we create a specialized care program for every resident to keep them engaged every day. Rest assured that with our dedicated care at Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, your loved ones will be well taken care of physically, mentally and emotionally. If you have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, you can rest easy knowing that our professionally trained and caring staff will provide them with the highest quality of care.

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