The team at Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh understands that two factors play a part in making an effective referral program: a well-coordinated system and word-of-mouth. As such, nothing matters more to us than our residents’ satisfaction and happiness while staying in our senior living community. Despite technological advances, word-of-mouth remains the most impactful method to influence new prospects, which is why residents who provide referrals are awarded.

About Our Senior Living Referral Program

Here, we recognize the efforts when residents recommend our senior living community. This forms a part of our referral program, while the other is promoted through traditional means. How we gain the trust of residents is by ensuring that our community is operating efficiently each day and providing adequate care.

While the reward we bestow on residents who made referrals won’t always be of monetary means, that does not mean we do not offer gifts. These gifts can range from a bottle of exclusive wine to beautiful flower arrangements. Regardless, we make sure that our residents feel treasured in contributing to our referral program. Other benefits we provide in our referral program include annual residential appreciation parties, an ambassador program, housewarming parties, and more.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Referral Program in Your Retirement Community

What’s great about a reliable referral program is that it grows our community with new members who are already acquainted with the existing residents. This takes away the need for many icebreaker activities and allows the new members to feel more welcomed in the community. Right from the get-go, new members can easily settle into a new environment as they are surrounded by familiar faces. This means that at the end of the day, stronger and closer relationships will be formed among residents.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

There are many reasons why you should move into a senior living community, but one of the common reasons is the yearning for a more active social life. As we grow older, we lose friends and family members along the way, resulting in us being more socially isolated. Social isolation has been linked to poor mental health, as a lonely adult finds it challenging to find friends and be motivated to partake in activities.

Therefore, in a senior living community, you no longer have to worry about staying socially engaged as we have a wide variety of activities and events to choose from. These events provide an opportunity for residents to mingle around and form potential friendships.

Why Choose Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh’s Retirement Community?

At Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, residents can feel free to participate in their favorite activities all day while we do all the hard work. From complimentary concierge services to daily meals, you will be well taken care of in our community. There’s also an on-site medical team that in the case of any accidents occurring, you won’t have to be transferred to a hospital to receive the necessary care. Combined with the tranquil environment, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be to spend your retirement years.

To learn more about living in Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, feel free to contact us today.