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3 Ways To Get An Elderly Parent With No Appetite To Eat

It can be heartbreaking to see your elderly parent lose interest in eating. Not only does it take a toll on their health, but it’s also worrying for their loved ones who want them to eat well to maintain good health. But this can be dangerous if they don’t eat enough food to stay healthy…

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Portrait of smiling elderly woman with eyeglasses

The Importance Of Having A Sense Of Purpose Later In Life

An older adult’s cognitive, bodily, and emotional health may decline as they age, but staying active and finding meaning in life can improve their overall wellbeing. That’s why it’s imperative to maintain your elderly loved one’s social connections and motivate them to pursue interests that make them happy. If you or your elderly loved one…

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How An Independent Living Facility In Bloomingdale, FL Helps You To Rediscover The Purpose Of Life

The Benefits Of Moving To Assisted Living For Your Aging Parent

It can be really challenging realizing that a loved one might require assistance outside what you can offer. If you’re having trouble providing your aging parents with the care they require, a good solution opted for by many is an assisted living community. Assisted Living is for older adults who love their freedom but just…

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back view senior woman having assistance while putting hearing aid

Age-Related Hearing Loss: Causes And How To Prevent It

It’s common for the hearing faculties in older adults to deteriorate as they age. According to the National Institute on Deafness, close to 50% of older adults aged 75 and above have hearing problems, and every one in three between 65 and 74 of age has some hearing impairment. Despite being a typical byproduct of…

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6 Parks To Enjoy When You Retire Near Sandalfoot Cove, FL

Palm Beach County is home to thousands of acres of beautiful parklands with stunning views, a wealth of wildlife, streams, and magnificent scenic trails that offer a wide variety of outdoor adventure opportunities. When you choose to retire near Sandalfoot Cove, FL in Palm Beach County, you and your family get to enjoy some of…

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