Parkinson's disease presented by head brain

5 Facts To Help You Understand About Parkinson’s Disease

You might suffer from various mental health issues with your physical Parkinson’s symptoms. These may range from depression or anxiety to hallucinations, dementia, or memory problems. Below are facts about Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s Is A Brain Disease It happens to nerve cells within the brain that release the chemical dopamine do not function well or expire.…

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A Guide To Evaluating An Independent Living Community In St. Petersburg, FL

A good independent living community will provide residents with all the activities they require to continue leading a full, healthy retirement lifestyle for many more years to come. If you are looking for an independent living community in St. Petersburg, FL, here’s how you can find the most ideal community that suits your personal needs.…


4 Clear Signs It’s The Right Time For Your Loved One To Move To Memory Care In Englewood, FL

Caring for a loved one with a chronic or progressive condition affecting their cognitive function can be challenging. Family members who take on the roles of caregivers can suffer from psychological and emotional impacts if they are ill-prepared for committing themselves to provide long-term care for their loved ones. Here are five signs that your…

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5 Devastating Health Implications Of Sitting Too Much

Many times, golden-agers end up leading a very inactive lifestyle that’s highly detrimental to their overall wellbeing. If your elderly loved one is experiencing discomfort or pain from their medical conditions or has simply lost the motivation to stand up and exercise, they might begin to sit down far too much in their day. It’s important to…