benefits of broccoli for seniors

Benefits of Broccoli for Seniors

Senior Citizens no longer need to sacrifice taste for healthy eating.  At Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay, our Sensations Dining meals give you all the adequate nutrition you need to live a healthy, energetic and vibrant life.  Our made from scratch meals take into account your dietary restrictions while making each meal delightfully enticing and…

importance of a healthy weight for seniors

Importance of a Healthy Weight for Seniors

Show me a person who enjoys dieting, and I’ll show you someone who was born without a set of taste buds. Maintaining a healthy weight, especially in the modern era where virtually any food we crave is available at either a local restaurant or the mega-grocery store chains, is tough to do at any age,…

parkland fl retirement communities

Tips for Transitioning to a Retirement Community

For many seniors moving into Aston Gardens At Parkland Commons, the initial transition can be fraught with personal challenges. Although it can be difficult to make adjustments that involve downsizing and leaving a lot of history behind, the change is one worth looking forward to. There are numerous carefree senior living programs and opportunities to…